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Once a paradise at the heart of dwarfdom, the Valley of the Cracked Helm has lain forgotten for ages, lost to the vagaries of natural disasters, goblin invasions, and generational benders. Over the years since, its name has invoked only shame—furtive, deep-seated dwarven shame—for the valley is where the wild dwarves dwell. . .

(This pointcrawl scenario can be dropped into any classic fantasy campaign allowing gratuitous dwarven nudity.)

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A recent heist has left Thieves’ Guild Annex 109 with a bit more booty than it can handle . . .

(Requires Old-School Essentials Core Rules. “Thicc as Thieves” can be dropped into any urban campaign that allows for comedic escapades. PCs may need to be levels 3-5 to survive, or not–that’s fine, too.)

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