New Hand drawn Zero-Level DCCRPG Character Sheets

Recently I’ve been captivated by James V. West’s work over at Doomslakers, especially his one-page BX/LL character classes, like the Rat Bastard. He’s also been creating some awesome character sheets. Really, I can’t rave enough about his work; something about it really inspires me.

So it didn’t take long for me to steal some of his ideas and give it a go drawing a newer version of my Zero Level DCC Character Sheet. This is what I’ve ended up with:

DCC Zero Level Character sheet

I admit it’s not nearly as clean as the stuff James is making but I’m pretty proud of it. You can download a pdf of the double sheet. I’ll probably go back and clean them up further since they’ve still got a few stray marks on them but I’m saying this is a test run. (I’m definitely going to have to change the “Combat!” part.

Hope you enjoy.

Dungeon Crawl Classics “Permanent” Character RecordSheet

I’ve been promising this sheet for some time now and finally got around to (sort of) finishing it. I think it still has some kinks to work out but it’s useable. The idea behind this “permanent” character record is that PCs would graduate to it after surviving zero level funnel adventures.

I hope you enjoy and find good use for it. I just ordered some goldenrod paper in preparation for my upcoming DCCRPG game.

DCC Sheet cover

In the future, I plan to expand upon this sheet as soon as I am able. My goal is to have a custom sheet for each of the main classes. Ideally, I’d like to draw my own symbols for the sheet and marginalia, as well, but we’ll see how that turns out.

Dungeon Crawl Classics 0-Level Character Sheet

Here is a Dungeon Crawl Classics character sheet I drew one morning for 0-level characters, since I was kind of displeased with the, I guess, official one. It will be appearing in the Gongfarmer’s Almanac, as well, if that’s your thing.

Anyway, enjoy and use, if you want.

Two sheets on one page! It's like a two for the price of one deal, except two times zero is zero, so...

Two sheets on one page! It’s like a two for the price of one deal, except two times zero is zero, so…

I’ll probably be finally making my higher level DCCRPG sheet soon. Last time I mentioned it, Someone on the Internet said it was a dumb idea since DCCRPG sheets shouldn’t be very big or complex. I’ll have to find a middle-ground.


D&D Fifth Ed. Character Record Sheets [RPG]

A while back, I posted these sheets on the r/dndnext subreddit and they were a huge hit. The praise they received far exceeded my expectations and I was really pleased to hear how many people planned on using them in their own campaigns.  After that, Dyson Logos shared them on his site and they’ve spread far and wide, so I thought maybe I should host them on my own blog, as well.

Just click the image to download the sheet.


In addition, the response I’ve received has inspired me to create a few more sheets, including a character sheet for Dungeon Crawl Classics, something like an adventure record sheet for DMs using Fifth Ed., and my much more ambitions goal of building an entire campaign workbook–something kind of inspired by the AD&D Second Ed. Worldbuilder’s Guidebook and few other sources.