Riverlands Campaign Map [Monday Map]

Finally have time to map again. Quick post today, but a big one (in some regard). This is a regional map for my current BX/LL campaign in which the PCs have aspirations of becoming river pirates, hence the emphasis on the rivers on the map.

map 1

Close-up of the Region the PCs have been Exploring

4-17 (riverlands)

Wider Map of the Region, Known as the Eastern Old Kingdom

Gamma World/Metamorphosis Alpha/Mutant Crawl Classics Westworld-like Amusement Park Module/Setting [sort of Monday Map]

So I’ve begun working on an module. I don’t want to call it an “adventure,” necessarily, because my design philosophy on this one is pretty nonstandard. It will be structured more as a sandbox inside this far future amusement park facility and players and GMs will be given opportunities to approach the setting (and scenarios within) from several different angles.

The basics: The PCs will begin play as enslaved clones who basically serve as NPCs for the amusement parks patrons. The clones can be from one of five distinct settings. So far I’ve only decided on a Western setting, a prehistoric setting, and a noirish city setting. Two more are forthcoming. At the beginning, the PCs will be playing this as if they are actually living in these time periods and if it fits their playstyle, GMs will be encouraged to play everything else close to the chest, not letting their players know who or what they really are. After some initial plots involving these settings, an instigating event (determined from a random chart) will cause the facility to malfunction (further than it already has), revealing the truth of their reality to the PCs.


Map in Development (Four whole sheets of paper!)

There’s a lot more to this than I’m able to go into right now (including but not limited to sociopathic tram systems, antelope chutes, and a Nudelreich fast food franchise with its megalomaniac Nudelführer mascot). I ran an entirely improvised version of this some months ago and it went amazingly well. I enjoy it because it lets me merge my satirical scifi fiction-writing tendencies(which I don’t really talk much about on the internet) with my game-writing. The setting and scenarios are hugely inspired by PortalMetamorphosis Alpha, and a post about Dyson Logos’s R-AN (Northcott) Sociological Research Domes, probably to the point of bordering on plagiarism. Hopefully, this will be distinct enough to serve as an “expansion” of those ideas, though, and he won’t sue me.

Stay tuned!

Castle Grimgrannog, Part III – Catacombs [Wednesday Map]

Being the third part of the Castle Grimgrannog Series.

Area B of the Castle Grimgrannog & Environs map.

Beneath the portentously crumbling ruins of Castle Grimgrannog lies a basement full of skeletons, some of them belonging to the Grannog family, others, well, belonging to others. Currently, the necro-focused Sons of Azthrax are converting the catacombs into their new digs (think of it as dungeon gentrification from the POV of the original dungeon monster stock), mostly as a sort of forward operating base for further exploration of the dungeon below, but they’re not exactly the most organized of undeath worshippers. As such, they can be found either sort of just wandering about in the catacombs, renovating alcoves for habitation (or cohabitation, in a few “lucky” cases). The cult has become quite decentralized, emulating the entropic functions of decay, if we have to be pedantic, or really just behaving like siblings, if we don’t. This means, though, that they offer very little in the way of a unified front against intrusion, beyond stationing an orc here or there above and below. Additionally, necromantic runoff has led to a real problem in the underground lake and river nearby.

3-23 (Grimgrannog II B Catacombs) (final)

(Included below with this map is a “Dynamic” random encounter tables, inspired by Chris Kutalik’s Hill Cantons. I’m using this instead of actually fully stocking the dungeon for ease of writing but also ease of use. This should make the castle adaptably vague for anyone who might need a quick castle for their campaigns.)

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Castle Grimgrannog, Part II [Sunday Map]

Area A: Castle Grimgrannog
Second part of Castle Grimgrannog Series.
Castle Grimgrannog itself is a lovely 4 bed, 0 bath (apparently) home away from home but a bit of a fixer-upper. Currently occupied by the Hollowed Skull clan of orcs, who work in service of the necromantic cult known as The Sons (and daughter) of Azthrax, the castle commands an overlook of the lands west of the [Something Something] River with easy access to the river’s banks and nearby cave complex. Far older than anyone in the surrounding vicinity is aware, the castle has withstood the predations of voluminous armies, transient home-invaders, and antiquarians alike. 3-18 (Castle Grimgrannog)

(Included below with this map is a “Dynamic” random encounter tables, inspired by Chris Kutalik’s Hill Cantons. I’m using this instead of actually fully stocking the dungeon for ease of writing but also ease of use. This should make the castle adaptably vague for anyone who might need a quick castle for their campaigns.)

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Temple of the Totally Legit Miasmatically-Induced Oracle

Way out among the shepherd-haunted hinterlands of some place or another stands the remains of a once-gilded temple to a partially forgotten goddess of complex statistical analysis and probability whose only remaining worshippers are quantitatively minded shepherds, their apprentice flock-minders, and desperate wool market speculators.

3-13 (oracle's temple)

Surviving on the alms of wealthy, tax evasive “shepherds” (really just merchants living in far off towns/cities who bought out local sheep herders on flights of bucolic whimsy and who haven’t been seen getting their hands on any wool in years), the few remaining clerk-priests, nascent fume-addled oracles-in-training, and the lady-of-visions herself live in relative comfort in the remains of the temple. On particular holy days, in the midst of political upheavals, or near tax season, the temple is crowded with those seeking the oracle’s guidance (guaranteed accuracy within a margin of error narrower than any in the biz, really sets the industry standard). Unlike most in the augury game, this temple is a cleanly run establishment. There’s a flat rate and everyone gets the same style of pseudo-cryptic pronouncements as befitting their questions.

Goblin Canyon Hideout [Request from my Daughter]

So, it’s been a while. Lots of personal issues have arisen in the past couple of months alongside renewed focus in a complex, long-term project unrelated to RPGs which have kept me from updating the blog or drawing much–I’m also slacking on commission work, too. But I drew this map tonight as a step to get back into the swing of things. I’ve also got a few monsters lined up for future posts, as well.

Anyway, I hope I’ll be updating more in the coming months. Here’s the map.

2-23 (goblin hideout)


Temple of the Titular Tentacle Terror [map]

Another map from my megadungeon campaign. I’m considering putting all of these into a book of some form as points of interest in a megadungeon setting. The book might have setting info and some advice on how to use the maps, such as them being points of interest on a point-crawl of the dungeon structure that are linked by the wider hallways lined with pillars, which serve as dungeon highways. I don’t know yet, but I’ll work something out. Anywhere, here’s the map.
1-1-16 (tentacle temple)

Point of Interest in the NetherHalls of Ogo the Brainless [map]

So I finally ran the first few games (all funnels) for my DCC megadungeon campaign I’m calling The NetherHalls of Ogo the Brainless. I’m considering putting up a regular campaign journal here on the site to go along with the maps, magic items, and whatevers that appear in the campaign.

In the meantime, I’ve been compiling a number of maps for points of interest in the megadungeon, which I’m running as a point-crawl/sandbox. This region doesn’t have a name yet. There are a few (unreadable) notes, which I left on the map, that clarify what’s in the area (see below) if anyone is curious as to how I’ve stocked this map.

12-28 (NetherHalls 1)

Note that these descriptions/notes are not tied to any labeling on the map. I’ve got arrows that I used to indicate locations.

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