Wednesday Map Strikes Back! (Dwarven Hill Fort)

Here’s a nice little dwarven hill fort for plundering, defending, assaulting, or for simply relaxing therein with a brew.



The Demon Palace of the Magician Wat-Thekres, Part Two

Second part of The Demon Palace of the Magician Wat-Thekres.

If I remember right, when I started drawing this, I was inspired by P. Craig Russel’s version of the ruins of Alkmeenon from has comic adaptation of Robert E. Howards “The Servants of Bit-Yakin” titled The Jewels of Gwahlur. (seen below)


Russel was able to really emphasize the expansive nature of Alkmeenon. The first time I read it I palpably felt the environs within the palace and city, its underground. It felt, despite being mostly abandoned, a living, breathing location where any number of mysteries and adventures could be encountered.



So here’s part two of the map! Beneath it, you’ll also find a compiled version of the entire map as it is thus far.




Combined Palace 1.jpg

Dungeon Double (Wednesday Map)

The maps in this post are two that I will be including in an upcoming booklet which will feature small dungeon and ruin maps alongside a Game Master worksheets for populating and embellishing the dungeons/ruins (see example below). More information on this booklet in the upcoming weeks.

8-14-19 (2)8-14-19


Here’s an mock-up page from the yet-to-titled booklet:

mini dungeon map (

Curdlebrook Surrounds (Southfarthing Confidential Map)

The village of Curdlebrook and its surrounds will be detailed in the first issue of my upcoming Southfarthing Cofidential ‘zine, which will provide players and GMs with all the necessary information and guidance to run a halfling police procedural using Fifth Edition.

In the coming months, I’ll be posting a whole lot more from Southfarthing Confidential as I’m wrapping up the writing on the first issue. The plan (as of this moment) is to release four ‘zines to my Patreon supporters and for sale on DriveThruRPG. Following the these, and possibly one of the adventures/cases, I’m hoping to launch a Kickstarter to fund the publication of a full Southfarthing Confidential rule book and campaign setting as well as several adventures/cases in the same setting.

So, time to stop rambling. Here’s the map:
Curdlebrook Surrounds (small)

A mine… a MIIIIINE!!!

“And they called it a mine… a MIIIINE!!!”
This out of the way system of caves probably wasn’t a very lucrative endeavor for those who extracted precious metals or gems or black lung here, but it’s definitely an interesting place to locate a threat of kobolds, possessed or unionizing miners, or assorted ruffians. As well, maybe it’s not entirely played out. Maybe there’s still wealth to be extracted here if you can press these kobolds into service or break the will of the poor souls just looking for weekends off and safe working conditions. A perfect job for PCs.