“Valley of the Cracked Helm” Available Now!

My second pamphlet adventure, “Valley of the Cracked Helm,” is now available on DriveThurRPG!

ad (cracked helm)

Once a paradise at the heart of dwarfdom, the Valley of the Cracked Helm has lain forgotten for ages, lost to the vagaries of natural disasters, goblin invasions, and generational benders. Over the years since, its name has invoked only shame—furtive, deep-seated dwarven shame—for the valley is where the wild dwarves dwell. . .

Valley of the Cracked Helm is an off-beat scenario for old-school style games involving a hidden valley filled with tribal dwarven nudists and exploitative prospectors. It is formatted as a double-sided tri-fold brochure that contains everything needed to run the module. It includes:

  • A ready-to-run module suitable for ongoing campaigns and one-shots.
  • A detailed pointcrawl of the Valley of the Cracked Helm.
  • Dwarves Gone Wild!

(This pointcrawl scenario can be dropped into any classic fantasy campaign allowing gratuitous dwarven nudity. More setting than adventure, it encourages/requires referees to improvise or develop content further to fit their own needs. Low-level PCs may need to be lucky or clever to survive.)



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