The Demon Palace of the Magician Wat-Thekres, Part Two

Second part of The Demon Palace of the Magician Wat-Thekres.

If I remember right, when I started drawing this, I was inspired by P. Craig Russel’s version of the ruins of Alkmeenon from has comic adaptation of Robert E. Howards “The Servants of Bit-Yakin” titled The Jewels of Gwahlur. (seen below)


Russel was able to really emphasize the expansive nature of Alkmeenon. The first time I read it I palpably felt the environs within the palace and city, its underground. It felt, despite being mostly abandoned, a living, breathing location where any number of mysteries and adventures could be encountered.



So here’s part two of the map! Beneath it, you’ll also find a compiled version of the entire map as it is thus far.




Combined Palace 1.jpg


4 thoughts on “The Demon Palace of the Magician Wat-Thekres, Part Two

    • There are two more ground level maps, a couple of maps for the tower in the upper left, and another maybe two or three second level maps and four underground maps. I think.

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  1. Beautiful map Billy!
    The layout reminds me of a Cambodian temple – and, even better, makes me want to rush out and immediately run a game full of monkey folk, many-headed naga and tusked demons…

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