Hex-map of the Grand Hyperborean Upland

For the past 15 months, I’ve been running a campaign I call Spear! Fang! Raygun! which is basically a dreamscape where I’ve taken all my childhood/teenage love for The HerculoidsSpace GhostThundarr the Barbarian (who gets way more attention than the other two in today’s RPG community), He-Man, and Conan and all his imitators and shoved them through my adult brain to grant the campaign a consistent tone and aesthetic.

So far, it’s coming along great, and I hope to be posting A LOT about it in the coming months as I dredge up the focus necessary to put together a small ‘zine of content.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on maps for the setting along with a lot of homebrewed content. For a while, I was using David Sell’s “Pocket Dimensions” for all of my hex-maps in the campaign, but overuse has worn them out, so I’ve started a project of redrawing, at a slightly larger scale, all of the maps for the campaign.

In each of the 6-mile hexes in the map below I’ve drawn, or at least attempted to draw, the major feature to be discovered therein. How my campaign’s sandbox works is that each of these maps represents a region, which forms a 36-mile hex of the larger map. As is unusual for me, I’ve not actually drawn a detailed, representational map of the whole campaign setting, which in this case is a small dimension called the Forlorn Plateau (more info coming in a later post).

Anyway, here’s the map and below is a key, and you’re free to use this for whatever, non-commercial purposes you want:

Grand Hyperborean Upland.jpg


  1. Impossible Peaks
  2. Incredible Peaks
  3. Impossible Peaks
  4. The Steps of No Pity for the Weak
  5. Empty Tundra
  6. Hot Springs and Geysers
  7. Improbable Peaks
  8. Impossible Hyperborean Peaks
  9. Incredible Peaks
  10. Empty Tundra
  11. Empty Tundra
  12. Empty Tundra along the shores of the Lake of Tombs
  13. “Tomb” of Moork!
  14. Impersonal Peaks
  15. Hyperborean Tors
  16. Hot Springs & Geysers
  17. Cacti Forest of Fthuggai
  18. Fungal Shores of the Lake of Tombs
  19. The Lake of Tombs
  20. Fossilized Coleopteran Army
  21. Improbable Hyperborean Peaks
  22. White Pylon
  23. Cacti Forest of Fthuggai
  24. Empty Tundra/Shores of the Lake of Tombs
  25. Glacier
  26. Impassable Hyperborean Tors
  27. Golden Dome Dojo
  28. Cacti Forest of Fthuggai
  29. Lost City of the Hyperboreans/insectoid civilization
  30. Impossible Hyperborean Peaks
  31. Glacier-bound Menagerie of the Preserver
  32. Global Locus of Omniscience Access Brain (GLOAB) Facility
  33. Improbable Hyperborean Peaks
  34. Impossible Peaks
  35. Impossible Hyperborean Peaks

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