Gamma Warrior (class)

The first class for my up-and-coming Doom Lords of the Atomic Undercity campaign.

Gamma Warrior
Req: None
Prime: Strength
Hit Die: d8
Attacks: as Fighter
Saves: as Fighter, +2 versus Radiation/Wands

Across the Earth’s mutated biomes, the techno-savage hordes war over the irradiated debris of fallen civilizations while vile practitioners of Super Science and Sorcery awaken the lost and forgotten dooms of humankind. But amid the slag of the ruined cities stands the Gamma Warriors, a new breed ready to battle the inhuman terrors that stalk this barbaric new age, whether for wealth, for glory, or hope for a new age.

Level Experience Title Hit Dice
1 0 Half-lifer 2d8
2 2,201 Wasteland Savage 3d8
3 4,401 Marauder of the Wastes 4d8
4 8,801 Waste Blaster 5d8
5 18,001 Waste Master 6d8
6 36,001 Techno-Barbarian 7d8
7 72,001 Techno-Warrior 8d8
8 144,001 Techno-Slayer 9d8
9 288,001 Gamma Warrior 10d8
10 400,001 Atomic Warlord 11d8

You Only Got One Half-life – The Atomic Undercity and the wastes that surround it forgive neither weakness nor the meek. Gamma Warriors can attempt whacky and/brutal feats of foolishness during combat like overheating a plasma pistol and chucking it like a grenade, manhandling a mutant’s head to aim its eyebeam lasers at enemies, or wrenching the buzzsaw arm-blades from a murderbot and wielding them himself. The Gamma Warrior’s ability to succeed at these feats depends on his level:

Lvl.      Roll
1-3        2-in-6
4-7        3-in-6
8-10      4-in-6

Survival Specialization – Every Gamma Warrior must specialize to survive the terrors of the wastes and the Atomic Undercity. When creating a Gamma Warrior, either roll or pick one of the specializations below:

1d8 Survival Specialization
1 Brute of the Wastes – After defeating a foe in melee, your Gamma Warrior can strike another enemy within range with a melee, thrown weapon, or one-handed ranged weapon that is in hand.
2 Scavenged Armor – This Gamma Warrior can pimp their armor with whatever they scavenge from the ruins, adding a -1 bonus to armor class (max -3) for every modification made to armor. (Genre logic and GM approval required.)
3 Technosavagery – Once per day, whenever your Gamma Warrior fails a technology roll when dealing with advanced weaponry, armor, or combat-related tech, he may re-roll.
4 The Riddle of Rust – Every 3 levels (3, 6, 9, etc.), your Gamma Warrior chooses a unique weapon (one he’s made or scavenged) and applies a +1 to hit/dmg with that particular weapon. If the weapon is lost, it can be replaced with one of the same type. Bonuses may stack or apply to new weapons.
5 By Rad’s 3rd Gonad! – When suffering the mutagenic effects of radiation, this Gamma Warrior may roll twice on the mutation table and pick whichever mutation they like, as they tell the Great God Rad, “Come at me, bro!” He also begins with one class 1 beneficial mutation and 1 class 1 drawback, either physical or mental. Both mutations are randomly determined and the rule above for rolling twice applies.
6 Demigod of the Wastes – Either through runaway sexual selection or environmental contamination in the womb, your Gamma Warrior is bigger and badder than all others and probably wears a lot of leather and spikes while he’s at it. Use d10 for hit die instead of d8. This Gamma Warrior also gains a +2 on saves versus poison and disease.
7 Cyborg – You gain one class 1 mutation that works like a robot’s component (see the Murderbot! class), which can be replaced with other robotic components. Also, choose one ability score and gain a +1 bonus but explain it away with appropriate Super Science.
8 Never Go It Alone – This Gamma Warrior never leaves home without his best friend, who happens to be a vicious mutant predator. Start the game with a companion who is a non-intelligent mutant animal. Roll for two class 1 physical mutations and one class 2 physical or mental mutation and design the companion animal from there. The companion starts with two hit dice but gains a new hit dice at every 3 levels (3, 6, 9, etc.). The Gamma Warrior and his companion have an empathic bond of 100’.

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    • Hey, BaronGreystone, we might still have a slot (not sure, I’ll have to check). If you want to contact me about the game, find me on G+ if you have an account there.


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