Tomb of Idiosyncratic… [Area A]

This is the first section of my Tomb of Idiosyncratic Glandular and Neurochemical Response to Abrupt Sympathetic Nervous System Stimulation. This is an ongoing project where I draw isometric maps of individual areas of the dungeon and detail them.

The full map and background for the Tomcan be found here, but as of right now it is unlabeled. I’ll be labeling it and updating as I go.

Area A – Pool of the Disgruntled Gator-People
The smell of rotting fish and non-aquatic organisms overpowers anyone who area-a-bwapproaches this 40′ by 20′ by 30’pool. The water is the color and general low viscosity of baby poo following an
abundant helping of pea mash. Dead fish float and bob in the water, along with the occasional human hand (1 in 6 chance of bearing a magic ring) belonging to some previous ne’er or e’er-do-well who sought the lich Gabothax’s treasure.

Two gator-men (one a gator-woman) by the names of Slackmaw and Ralph are stationed at this pool to guard the entrance. They were hired recently after Lazzgrazzathax attended a conference on advanced dungeon stocking methods. Slackmaw and Ralph are unionized and disgruntled due to Gabothax’s paternal leave policies. At any given time there is a 2 in 6 chance that Slackjaw will be away from the pool while Ralph remains  behind alone, due to said policies banning the father from taking time off to sit with his clutch. When not guarding the entrance at the pool, Slackjaw can be found tending to their clutch of eggs at a nearby river or creek. It is important to note that gator-men are loving parents. If Ralph is found alone at the pool, PCs might be able to convince him to let them pass by offering sympathy for his situation.

Creatures: 2 Gator-people. room-a-iso


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