Crypt of Plagiarismo the Totally Unique! [Friday Map]

This is really a generic crypt. Well, maybe not so generic considering that it’s basically a straight copy of Dyson Logos’s crypts, which makes them pretty fantastic, actually. I can’t, and won’t, pretend that I’m deeply indebted to Dyson when it comes to making maps. I’ve never aspired to creative authenticity with regards to my mapping style. I just like to draw them and get my creative kicks elsewhere. But I’ve been drawing them for a long while, but a few years ago when I stumbled onto Dyson’s maps, I knew I had to straight steal his style. Well, maybe I didn’t so much steal the style as sent Dyson an email asking him if it’d be okay if I copied his style. As usual, he was really nice about it and told me to go ahead. So, really this map is dedicated to his work because his crypts are probably my favorite.

So here’s a crypt.




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