Stepwell, Part II [Tuesday Map]

Continuing from Friday’s post, here is the bottom level of the Stepwell of Yu Gon Dy.

Tomb Well of Yu Gon Dy 2.jpg

Last week, I said I’d give some details on how to stock this dungeon, but as I’ve fallen behind on some commissions and suffered a bout of bad Chinese food, I’ve decided to make it a larger, future post (free for Patreon supporters).

In the meantime, I imagine Yu Gon Dy to have been a powerful necromancer who controlled his puppet khan through a necromantic parasite implanted into the khan’s brain or something like that. This will all probably appear in my Yoon-Suin campaign, too.


7 thoughts on “Stepwell, Part II [Tuesday Map]

  1. There is a secret door on the left hand section of the first level map which leads to a descending staircase. However I do not see where the staircase ends on the second level map.


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