Dar a Gorgo, the Ruined Manse of Zonalg – Demigod of Delusional Grandeur, Thoughtless Ambition, Entitlement, Con Artists, and Fool’s Gold [Friday Map]

Hidden in the deeply wooded yonderlands far enough away to justify a handful of random encounter rolls, but close enough to allow any losers fleeting glimpses from their hovels, awaits Dar a Gorgo,  the ruined Manse of Zonalg – demigod of delusional grandeur,  entitlement, confidence artists, and fool’s gold.

Ruined Temple of that guy.jpg

Yes, there are that many statues in the place. All of them are solid fool’s gold and depict Zonalg with augustious vainglory and sporting six-packs – actually, make it eight-packs.

And once more.

If you enjoy my maps, please consider supporting my Patreon campaign, which can be found by clicking the linked ad on the top right of this page (or below). I would like to dedicate more time to the larger projects I have in mind, but I need to justify the effort with some tangible incentive. (I’m really bad at begging, too.)



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