Ziggurat of Lin Tho [Tuesday Map]

The Ziggurat of Lin Tho is a Khmer-inspired complex (notice the sort of Angkor Wat-like bits on the towers) that I used in my Yoon-Suin home campaign recently. In my campaign, the ziggurat was stuck in a time loop which coincided with the tides – at high tide, the ziggurat appeared pristine and everything occurring inside mirrored events that’d taken place some few hundred years in the past, while at low tide, the ziggurat was ruined and haunted. It was also inhabited by the physical embodiment of a reticulated python god (reticulations looked like orchids) of dreams, rivers, and oceans, which the PCs had “interesting” relations with.

I’m leaving out those details for this iteration, but there are parts of the ziggurat that are buried in sand, which can be seen on the map. So here they are:

ziggurat 3d

3D sketch of the Ziggurat of Lin Tho

These maps are arranged so that “Level 1” would be the top of the ziggurat and “Level 7” would be the bottom.




The dotted line circle on Level 6 is the bottom of the circular hole that runs through the ziggurat.


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