Stepwell of Yu Gon Dy, Part II [Tuesday Map]

Continuing from Friday’s post, here is the bottom level of the Stepwell of Yu Gon Dy.

Tomb Well of Yu Gon Dy 2.jpg

Last week, I said I’d give some details on how to stock this dungeon, but as I’ve fallen behind on some commissions and suffered a bout of bad Chinese food, I’ve decided to make it a larger, future post (free for Patreon supporters).

In the meantime, I imagine Yu Gon Dy to have been a powerful necromancer who controlled his puppet khan through a necromantic parasite implanted into the khan’s brain or something like that. This will all probably appear in my Yoon-Suin campaign, too.

Stepwell of Yu Gon Dy, Part 1 [Friday Map]

This is a map for a dungeon I was going to use (and still may) in my Yoon-Suin campaign.  It’s based upon stepwells found in the Indian subcontinent and Pakistan. I’ve always thought they’d make awesome dungeons and this may only be the first of many I try my hand at mapping.

So first, a side view of the well.


And the first layer of the dungeon.


The central, tiled section of the dungeon is the stepwell itself. The black section is the open interior. The double doors on either side lead to the separate sections on the left and right of the first level, going down, seen on the side view.

I’ve got a few ideas for random encounters and populating the dungeon, but I’ll get to those in the next post.

Temple of the Dimgrog the Morning Imbiber [Tuesday Map]

Down a fairly descript alley off a lane dedicated to that most noble of human endeavors – the imbibing of copious amounts of spirits, liquors, beers, ales, wines, and candied liqueurs – lies, or rather slumps the temple of Dimgrog the Morning Imbiber, petty god of hangovers, headaches, and the hairs-of-the-dog-that-bit-ya.

Puking pit open to the public, but beware of lurking puke pseudo-elementals (from the psuedo-elemental plane of puke, which lies between the semi-elemental planes of stomach acid and alcohol).


Sorry for the lack of shadows on this one. I just moved and misplaced the pen for my tablet.

At any given time, a small, totally blitzed community of drunkards, alcoholics, and down-on-their-luck adventurers can be found recuperating in the temple’s sanctuary, where they are provided something “for what ails [them]” by Grimgrog’s acolytes, known by the rank of “enablers” in the hierarchy of their church.

Dar a Gorgo, the Ruined Manse of Zonalg – Demigod of Delusional Grandeur, Thoughtless Ambition, Entitlement, Con Artists, and Fool’s Gold [Friday Map]

Hidden in the deeply wooded yonderlands far enough away to justify a handful of random encounter rolls, but close enough to allow any losers fleeting glimpses from their hovels, awaits Dar a Gorgo,  the ruined Manse of Zonalg – demigod of delusional grandeur,  entitlement, confidence artists, and fool’s gold.

Ruined Temple of that guy.jpg

Yes, there are that many statues in the place. All of them are solid fool’s gold and depict Zonalg with augustious vainglory and sporting six-packs – actually, make it eight-packs.

And once more.

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Ziggurat of Lin Tho [Tuesday Map]

The Ziggurat of Lin Tho is a Khmer-inspired complex (notice the sort of Angkor Wat-like bits on the towers) that I used in my Yoon-Suin home campaign recently. In my campaign, the ziggurat was stuck in a time loop which coincided with the tides – at high tide, the ziggurat appeared pristine and everything occurring inside mirrored events that’d taken place some few hundred years in the past, while at low tide, the ziggurat was ruined and haunted. It was also inhabited by the physical embodiment of a reticulated python god (reticulations looked like orchids) of dreams, rivers, and oceans, which the PCs had “interesting” relations with.

I’m leaving out those details for this iteration, but there are parts of the ziggurat that are buried in sand, which can be seen on the map. So here they are:

ziggurat 3d

3D sketch of the Ziggurat of Lin Tho

These maps are arranged so that “Level 1” would be the top of the ziggurat and “Level 7” would be the bottom.




The dotted line circle on Level 6 is the bottom of the circular hole that runs through the ziggurat.


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Tomb of Idiosyncratic Glandular and Neurochemical Response to Abrupt Sympathetic Nervous System Stimulation [Background] [Friday Map]

This is the full map for my Tomb of Idiosyncratic Glandular and Neurochemical Response to Abrupt Sympathetic Nervous System Stimulation project. My plan is to release isometric maps with room details for every area in the Tomb. These will be free additions and not part of my Patreon campaign, which I’ll talk a little bit more about below. This is also my first map where I’m using a new style. Let me know if it works.

Meanwhile, on to the map!



Untold ages ago (thereabouts 47 years), Gabothox the Borderline, who was a lich of renown most ill in the borderlands of the this-or-that kingdom, was suddenly struck with the usual, insecure yearning to build a tomb complex to call his own – a feeling that arises about mid-undeath – and to populate it with slavering pit beasts, unionized man-pigs, and a lethal mélange of elaborate traps, tricks, and illusory magics.

So he veiled himself in silks and perfumes and glimmers, taking the shape of a wealthy real estate entrepreneur, “hired” some out-of-work dwarven vagrants, offering them wages, medical, and dental, put them to work carving out his dream tomb on the southern cliff face of Yawning Skull Mesa, near a well-worn trade road, and ordered his apprentices out about the neighboring watering holes to hustle rumors of great treasure hoards awaiting brave, unwary adventurers with altogether poorly developed prefrontal cortices and executive decision-making skills to explore.

It was a smashing success!

Interlopers died in droves. And those who didn’t returned to their quaint and musky taverns to spend their remaining days dawdling in the shadowed boots of their drinking-halls and drunkenly sputter on about their attempts at plundering the Tomb back “in their day.”

You can’t beat free advertising.

And so even unto this day, the Tomb of Idiosyncratic Glandular and Neurochemical Response to Abrupt Sympathetic Nervous System Stimulation, a name which Gabothax the Borderline unironically believes is a clear, provocative, and accurate description of his complex, still awaits brave and noble murder hobos to tread the corridors of his musky catacomb seeking treasure and to test their accumulated hit points against the horrors of his (and likely their own) burial place.


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Billy Longino