New Mapping Style 1 [Map]

So after a little over a year of posting my maps online in places varied and far afield and drawing I’ve forgotten how many maps for Jacob Hurst’s Swordfish Isles (the last maps for which I’ll be finishing up this week), I’ve decided to change things up.

Basically, I’m tired of crosshatching. And here are a few examples of test maps I’ve drawn this week while sitting through the usual slew of pre-semester meetings this down test bw.jpg

top down testiso test 2


My goal is a more “cartoony” style, which I think is particularly coming along in the inking, especially in the isometric map. When time allows, I’m going to give a shot at populating the isometric maps with more objects and critters.

Additionally, I think, once I get all my current projects wrapped up and put the final touches on this novella I’ve been working on, I’ll set up a Patreon in hopes of pushing me a little more toward regular updates.

Yeah, so. More to come.


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