Lich’s Tower [Wednesday Map]

In my year-long 5th ed. campaign, most of the adventures consisted of site-based scenarios in which multiple, dynamic events were happening all at once. One such arc involved the PCs exploring the (supposedly) abandoned tower of the wizard Innisquil, pictured below.

The tower loomed above a swampy, half-sunken island in the middle of a lake, and when the PCs arrived, they found a gathering horde of pig-faced orcs. Setting up an F.O.B. on a nearby island, after several cowardly forays in which they drove off the meenlock natives, the PCs set about to exploring the island and the tower. They soon discovered that the pig-orcs were also exploring the tower, or being forcefully driven toward this guy by a warlock  who sought some power inside… Yadda yadda yadda. You get the picture.

But what made this map especially neat was the way the players approached the site. The existence of the orc horde and the warlock’s plot forced the PCs to enter and explore the tower in a non-linear fashion. Each level offered multiple ways to be reached. The PCs actually never went through the front door, where the orcs had constructed a base camp of their own, and instead climbed a tree to reach the abutment (I guess is the word) attached to the side of the second and third levels. The exploration method was really non-linear and the dynamic environment kept the PCs on their toes. It was a tremendous amount of fun and my lazy afternoon writing doesn’t really do it justice.

Anyway, I wanted to provide the map in situ. This is how the map ended up after use in the game. Aesthetically, I enjoy the notes and stains, showing a used product.

4-20 (Tower Map in Game)


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