“Treasure” Map to the Wyrd [Thursday Map]

In the first session of my Labyrinth Lord campaign,  my players became embroiled in a noirish game of maps and false maps, which exchanged hands between one another and NPCs at the rate only the demigod of street con artists should be capable of. Then, hours later, one of the maps (a real one, lucky for them) led to a locale where they found yet another map. At this point the word “map” itself had devolved into a trigger for pubescent snickering. This is the map they found. I’m putting up two versions, one with no shadows that Dyson Logos says is more “treasure map” and another with shadows, which just looks better.

3-23 (Treasure Map) no shadow

Nary a gray shadow

3-23 (Treasure Map)

Be wary of gray shadows


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