Castle Grimgrannog, Part II [Sunday Map]

Area A: Castle Grimgrannog
Second part of Castle Grimgrannog Series.
Castle Grimgrannog itself is a lovely 4 bed, 0 bath (apparently) home away from home but a bit of a fixer-upper. Currently occupied by the Hollowed Skull clan of orcs, who work in service of the necromantic cult known as The Sons (and daughter) of Azthrax, the castle commands an overlook of the lands west of the [Something Something] River with easy access to the river’s banks and nearby cave complex. Far older than anyone in the surrounding vicinity is aware, the castle has withstood the predations of voluminous armies, transient home-invaders, and antiquarians alike. 3-18 (Castle Grimgrannog)

(Included below with this map is a “Dynamic” random encounter tables, inspired by Chris Kutalik’s Hill Cantons. I’m using this instead of actually fully stocking the dungeon for ease of writing but also ease of use. This should make the castle adaptably vague for anyone who might need a quick castle for their campaigns.)

Castle Grimgrannog (roll d6)
1 – 2: Personality
3 – 4: Creature
5 – 6: Event

1. Zijor, necromancer apprentice and all-around okay guy
, being sent from below upon errand by other necrobros to “check up” on the orcs, making certain they’re not slowly plotting to overthrow the cult. Is prepared to cast particularly flashy spell to impress orcs.
2. Bertelis, down on his luck merchant attempting to sell corpses to necromancers, staying in “guest suite” but free to wander about the castle second guessing his life decisions. Will gladly betray necromancers/orcs for better deal.
3. Sir Bently the Unbridled, knight of the [golden/flaming/winnowed/etc.] [symbolically apt thingamajig], errantly stealthing through the castle in attempt either to 1) flee, 2) rescue anyone who might be inside, or 3) prove something to himself or doubting damsel in faraway residence.
4. Lorris, undead servitor, who the orcs don’t really know is undead. The necromancers have placed Lorris, who retains some rudimentary intelligence, in the castle to serve the orcs every need and want so as to keep them docile.
5. Obrik the Large, abandoned henchman, who was left behind by a party of recent adventurers after they either fled or were captured and stewed by the orcs. He is saddened by this, used to abandonment in his life, persistently talks about his long lost father.
6. Chief Borgo, orc badass, currently getting real antsy for lack of pillaging opportunities. If encountered he will attempt to question anyone about surrounding settlements in hopes of finding ripe plunder. He wears the Loinfurs of Murrl, a barbarian he killed in battle. The loinfurs grant him the ability to go berserk in battle (and at less opportune times) but give him one mean itch, as well.

1. 2d3 petulant orc hoodlums, cruising for a bruising (their own or someone else’s). (Total 20)
2. 1d4 loose zombies. They’re like car keys or a remote to a necromancer, never seeming to stay in the same place you left them. (Total 12)
3. 3d4 hungry vultures out looking to corner a loose zombie, unsure of how to go about it due to ambulatory nature of rotting corpses but willing to adapt. Darwinian process in action.
4. 4d4 fed-up local yokels out to drive away the necromancers, pitchforks, torches, and misspelled writs of eviction in hand. Talk a big game, carry big sticks, and unwilling to listen to reason, believing everyone a necromancer or orc. Argument otherwise only reaffirms preconceived notions.
5. Owlbear who took a left turn he wasn’t intending to.
6. 2d6 giant rats. Skittish, prone to lash out. Wracked with anxiety due to tortures of orc hoodlums.

1 – 2. Catacomb ceiling collapses nearby unleashing skeletons into the countryside.
3. Fishing boats arrive from downriver, and fishermen obliviously string up trot lines and nets, thinking they’ve found a nice, peaceful spot to get drunk. Will accidentally catch orc hoodlum swimming up for sneak attack, knife in teeth.
4. Necromancers below have spat, 1d3 move into quarters in castle, with train of zombies carrying luggage and furniture.
5 – 6. Tower collapse. It happens.

Other News
I completely missed posting on Friday and might need to rethink the Friday Map scheduled. We’ll see. For now it’ll show up next week but I might change things up a bit.


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