Castle Kyklososos [Wednesday Map]

Unnecessarily spanning a gorge created by the unnaturally circuitous route (not pictured) of the Kyklososos River, the castle bearing the same name is a prime example of the closed curve architecture of the fallen, cycle-obsessed, and inevitably ever-returning Empire of Borgos.

3-16 (Circle Castle)

All who attempt to explore theses ruins (or preparatory infrastructure, if you take the cyclical philosophy seriously) should be forewarned of rampant temporal shifts and unloosed flashback/flashforward narrative tricks found therein. Pools of living anti-aging jellies and creams, halls of returns to eternal returns, and at least one bottomless pit wherein a magical lack of terminal velocity allows for the reaching of relativistic speeds and confrontation with the more worrisome consequences of spacetime are all features of this complex. Financing is an option. Down payments are accepted in underworld currencies, as well as surface currencies. Previous owners smoked, or were left smoking, rather.


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