Point of Interest in the NetherHalls of Ogo the Brainless [map]

So I finally ran the first few games (all funnels) for my DCC megadungeon campaign I’m calling The NetherHalls of Ogo the Brainless. I’m considering putting up a regular campaign journal here on the site to go along with the maps, magic items, and whatevers that appear in the campaign.

In the meantime, I’ve been compiling a number of maps for points of interest in the megadungeon, which I’m running as a point-crawl/sandbox. This region doesn’t have a name yet. There are a few (unreadable) notes, which I left on the map, that clarify what’s in the area (see below) if anyone is curious as to how I’ve stocked this map.

12-28 (NetherHalls 1)

Note that these descriptions/notes are not tied to any labeling on the map. I’ve got arrows that I used to indicate locations.

Bridge of Statuary
The bridge is the lair of an intelligent basilisk named Postrok. He can be bribed to allow passage if the PCs can bring him a new specimen for his collection of statues. Otherwise, he attacks, adding whoever he can to his statuary. His aesthetic sensibilities determine who he petrifies. He will cull his bridge of any distasteful specimens over time, as well.

Spider Webs
The spider webs extend into the cavern system for some length beyond this area. Cult lives in this section of the cavern. They worship a giant, interdimensional spider god. They construct extra limbs and eyes from those taken from victims, sewing the dead body parts onto their own bodies to mimic their god. They are primarily human. The cult only controls the first few rooms of the dungeon here and doesn’t know about the secret door.
These malnourished deviants live in the vicinity of one of the spider god’s lengths of interdimensional web. Her children live her and she only occasionally makes forays to this section of the NetherHalls. The webbing is alive with hallucinogenic spiders known as dream-stalkers, which are a major food source for the spider cultists (if they cannot get meat otherwise). Those devoted to the spider god, or dumb enough otherwise, can use her web to tread great distances across the NetherHalls. All spiders in the dungeon, save for a rebellious few, serve the spider god.

Big Stairs
Stairs here lead down to the next level of the NetherHalls.

Western Caverns
The primary occupants of the NetherHalls beyond these caverns are a tribe of short, furry humanoids with the psychic ability to alter the confuse the sense of other creatures. They can make someone smell something they would otherwise hear, or see something they’d otherwise taste. This effect is extremely dangerous and may cause neurological damage to those affected.

Room with Standing Stones and Symbols on Floor
Teleportation device here connects to many others throughout the NetherHalls, allowing for quick jaunts across the complex. All of them have a tendency to glitch in occasionally devastating or miraculous ways.

Giant Statue Chamber
Rom is avoided by other occupants of this section of the NetherHalls or at least they quickly pass through it. Statue has been given sentience in some way and is extraordinarily sociable. And very, very lonely. Speaking with the statue reveals the only means of passing through the nearby secret door. The statue is obsessed with the nature of its own existence. It believes that all the universe exists solely due to its own perception of the universe; all other entities are behavioral machines in its view. It has yet to develop a theory of mind, but it may with a little help!

Room with Statue (behind southern secret door)
Statue in this room bears seven sapphire eyes that can be used to see into distant chambers of the NetheHalls with similar statues. The eyes can be removed and used remotely, but whoever does so runs the risk of being subject to a cosmic accident (Luck check) at least a week after every use.

Beyond Pit (behind southern secret door)
This section is occupied by the ghosts of a band of hirelings who were killed by the creature that once lived here (but is long dead). The ghosts harangue any spelunkers who arrive here, and if they have a group of hirelings, particularly those who belong to the Union of Hirelings, Henchmen, and Hangers-On (U.H.H.H.), they attempt to convince them to betray the PCs. The ghosts can be removed by recovering their bones from the bottom of the pit and returning them to the U.H.H.H. headquarters so their insurance can pay out to their families.


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