Lacquer of Imperceivable Finish [DCC Magic Item]

Working on my Dungeon Crawl Classics megadungeon campaign and I came up with this magic item, which I thought I’d share.

Lacquer of Imperceivable Finish


Five heavy clay pots which contain . . . nothing?

Or so it seems. The pots are filled with a translucent goop that when painted and/or rubbed over a surface makes that object invisible for 10d6 minutes. But in addition to making someone (or something) invisible, the Lacquer of Imperceivable Finish also removes the object or being from all knowledge. Everyone, man or god, forgets that it ever existed.

Every time the Lacquer is used, the object (or creature) painted must succeed at a Will Save (DC 8) or be treated as if it never existed – permanently erased from all knowledge – even though it continues to “exist.”

Each pot contains enough Lacquer for a single human-sized object or creature.



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