Barbarian! Class for Dungeon Crawl Classics

This is my first attempt at writing my own class for Dungeon Crawl Classics. I know it’s not perfect but I think it’ll be fun to try in the game. It’s specifically written for my own campaign, so a few things might be ambiguous or reference stuff outside the core rules. If you like it and want to use it, just change whatever (but you already knew that).


barbarian class progress

Out of the frozen north or up from the ruins of ancient kingdoms laid low by foul sorcery or from across the windswept steppes, your sinews kissed by the sun of the wastelands, hither comes you, a reaver, a slayer, a fucking badass, to tread the sawdust-strewn floors of cheap taprooms and piss and vomit and spill blood into every gutter between Ungol’s lurid lantern-lit towers and the corpse-lined streets of Gallowsport.

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New Hand drawn Zero-Level DCCRPG Character Sheets

Recently I’ve been captivated by James V. West’s work over at Doomslakers, especially his one-page BX/LL character classes, like the Rat Bastard. He’s also been creating some awesome character sheets. Really, I can’t rave enough about his work; something about it really inspires me.

So it didn’t take long for me to steal some of his ideas and give it a go drawing a newer version of my Zero Level DCC Character Sheet. This is what I’ve ended up with:

DCC Zero Level Character sheet

I admit it’s not nearly as clean as the stuff James is making but I’m pretty proud of it. You can download a pdf of the double sheet. I’ll probably go back and clean them up further since they’ve still got a few stray marks on them but I’m saying this is a test run. (I’m definitely going to have to change the “Combat!” part.

Hope you enjoy.

Out-of-the-Way Crypt of the [Appropriately Menacing and/or Enticingly-Adjectived-so-as-to-Imply-the-Posession-of-Great-Wealth-in-Life Guys]

Sorry to anyone who might eagerly await my maps. It’s been a rough autumn for me but I’m picking things back up. Hopefully things will (actually, as promised) start coming together and I’ll be producing so more work soon.

In the meantime, here’s a crypt I put together for my upcoming megadungeon campaign that can be easily dropped into any location.

11-22 (crypt)

Dungeon Crawl Classics “Permanent” Character RecordSheet

I’ve been promising this sheet for some time now and finally got around to (sort of) finishing it. I think it still has some kinks to work out but it’s useable. The idea behind this “permanent” character record is that PCs would graduate to it after surviving zero level funnel adventures.

I hope you enjoy and find good use for it. I just ordered some goldenrod paper in preparation for my upcoming DCCRPG game.

DCC Sheet cover

In the future, I plan to expand upon this sheet as soon as I am able. My goal is to have a custom sheet for each of the main classes. Ideally, I’d like to draw my own symbols for the sheet and marginalia, as well, but we’ll see how that turns out.