Hag’s Coven (or ruin occupied by whatever) [map]

Could be a ruin deep in a swamp where a coven of hags hold their coven or maybe a catacomb/burial mound for [insert pagan warrior-chief/shaman of appropriate culture/paradigm]. Really, like most of these maps, it can be whatever you want!

10-18 (hag's coven)

Very soon, once I get caught up on commissions for Jacob Hurst’s Swordfish Islands, I’m going to begin work on my first adventure-to-be-published. It will be a DCCRPG funnel with an emphasis on gorbels (from the Fiend Folio). I have a draft written already but it’s going to take some tinkering to get anywhere near useable. Will probably be looking for a few artists, as well, for work that I can’t do myself. Pretty excited.
In the map realm, I’d like to thank Dyson Logos for all he’s done to help me build whatever meager but supportive following my blog has gained in the past year. It’s been a whole lot of fun seeing my maps and character sheets being put to use.

(Also, I have a few other projects that I don’t share too much about on G+ or this blog, including a novella currently being considered by Tor and a comic which is being submitted to Image, both of which will likely meet with tremendous rejection, but it’s been a busy year.)

At some point I should probably also finish grading students’ essays…


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