Hill Dungeon [Map]

Finally, a new map!

I imagine this to be the seasonal retreat for a cabal of warlocks who really don’t have much time to get together anymore like they once did in their youthful, less hermitic and erudite days.

Hill Dungeon 1


2 thoughts on “Hill Dungeon [Map]

  1. Just in case you were interested https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdkt780ykdx5yps/Hill%20Dungeon.7z?dl=0 contains a Minecraft model of this dungeon. [Because I needed a distraction and I thought it might be interesting to model.] It’s been slightly interpreted (since I tend to think about how and why the rooms are there when I carve it out), but it’s easy to render the black pillar theme into proper supporting pillars. Also the surface needs work but that tends to be the boring part (I also hate fractalising caves).


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