Rhinoceros Containment Caves of the Iron Overlord [map]

So this map was drawn at the “request” of Dyson Logos, although he was definitely trying to throw me off my game. It is a science fiction map, I think, where an Iron Overlord [read: robo-tyrant] experiments upon poor, helpless, and entirely unsuspecting Rhinoceroses. There is a chamber with vats for growing genetically modified rhino-beasts, a workshop for mechanically enhancing said genetically modified rhino-beasts, and a few other places for things to go horribly wrong.


9-26 (rhino containment)

Tomb of Idiosyncratic Glandular/Mental Response to Abrupt Sympathetic Nervous System Stimulation [map]

I’ve never had the opportunity to run the Tomb of Horrors. I really, really want to. I want to run a whole lot of 1st ed. dungeons using either Dungeon Crawl Classics or 5th ed. One day, maybe.

But to scratch this itch, I decided to draw a map inspired by the Tomb of Horrors module, which has always seemed to me one of the most bizarre, yet classic dungeon maps ever. It’s drastically different from the types of dungeons I usually design or run in a game. This map is supposed to imply any number of traps and encounters to polymorph your PCs into quivering balls of wet trauma disorder once they’re inside but still leave enough room for any DM to let his/her imagination run wild.

I really like this map. It’s probably one of my favorites I’ve drawn.

9-23 (tomb of horrors)