Hexcrawl Map

My current 5th ed. campaign is running through a hexcrawl involving a dragon and an army of mongrelmen led by a cabal of warlocks in the swampy, fallen County of Haade, which sits in the larger wastes of the Witchlands of Thaggis. It’s not a traditional hex crawl where they necessarily explore every region, but I am running it as a sort of sandbox scenario, each hex only representing a mile. The PCs have brought their own army with them with the goal of taking back the county and “civilizing” it. We’ll see how all of that goes.

Anyway, I wanted to share the map for the hexcrawl. (I’m fairly certain none of my players read this blog, since they’re all jackasses). (And if you are, Stop right now, jackass!)

hexcrawl map (black and hex)

Blank with hex grid, for your use.

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Two Classic Dungeons

I drew these because I realized that I have very little in the way of, what I guess I could call, “digestible” dungeon maps–ones you might could go through in a single gaming session. One of the problems I have as a GM is running way too large of dungeons and getting stuck in the crawl for a few sessions instead of moving the story forward. The map on the right belongs to a style of dungeon architecture I’m going to start calling Stairmaster Revivalism.

Anyway, here they are.
aug 11 (small map 1) aug 11 (small map 2)

In other news concerning me, I’m working on a couple of comics, writing one and drawing/writing the other. Fortunately, my abilities in the drawing area have improved some since the last go at it. The blog will still focus on game material, though. A few things on schedule in the next couple of months include a non-0-level character sheet and barbarian class for Dungeon Crawl Classics and perhaps a campaign journal from my 5th edition D&D game accompanied by custom material I’ve created for it.

Billy Longnio

Dungeon Crawl Classics 0-Level Character Sheet

Here is a Dungeon Crawl Classics character sheet I drew one morning for 0-level characters, since I was kind of displeased with the, I guess, official one. It will be appearing in the Gongfarmer’s Almanac, as well, if that’s your thing.

Anyway, enjoy and use, if you want.

Two sheets on one page! It's like a two for the price of one deal, except two times zero is zero, so...

Two sheets on one page! It’s like a two for the price of one deal, except two times zero is zero, so…

I’ll probably be finally making my higher level DCCRPG sheet soon. Last time I mentioned it, Someone on the Internet said it was a dumb idea since DCCRPG sheets shouldn’t be very big or complex. I’ll have to find a middle-ground.