2 thoughts on “MegaDungeon #2: The Chronicles of Mewick the Irritable (#001)

  1. Art is solid and is not a detriment to your story.

    Lettering could use more space. Your text is a little claustrophobic.

    You’ve got two comics, both of which reference genitalia (possibly one of which is misogynistic). If you’re going for a dirty comic (and it has been done successfully!), continue.

    Will continue reading.

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    • I understand why you might say something is misogynistic (assuming you mean the reference to the hymen), but I don’t think (or didn’t intend) for it to be such. The reference is just comment on the odd fascination wizardly warlock types have with virginity in general. The character, in my mind, is quite lecherous, but currently preoccupied with his bowels.

      Thanks for the comment on the letter, though. It verifies what I’ve thought, too.


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