Welcome to the Union!

The Union of Hirelings, Henchmen, and Hangers-on (U.H.H.H.)* is a publisher of off-beat, humorous adventure games and an advocate of Torch-Bearers, Potion-Tasters, Pack-Handlers, Sword-Caddies, Muleskinners, Sages, Pole-Carriers, Porters, Dungeon Surveyors, Men-and-Women-at-Arms, Door-Spikers, Squires, Liquor-Luggers, Halfling-minders, Proteges, Toadies, and Cronies across the Realm. 

*This is not a real union.

About Me
I am Billy Longino. I write. I draw.
But when I can’t, I stare with all appropriate listlessness into the abyss (and it, characteristically, ignores me).


I am currently open to map commissions.

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